What exactly
is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a (starter) position in which you are trained to become a specialist in your field. As a trainee you often get the opportunity to work in different departments within an organization. The combination of working and learning is central to every traineeship. Through intensive coaching and training, the starter can quickly develop into a professional.

The main benefits of a traineeship

• Professional coaching
• Get a complete picture of the organization
• Personal development
• Paid learning path
• Accelerated and professional start
• Boost your skills
• Expand your network

A traineeship is the perfect opportunity to discover the best in yourself. In a paid learning trajectory, you often go through several departments of an organization under professional guidance. Besides the fact that a traineeship will boost your skills, you also work on your personal skills and you expand your network in no time. Moreover, a traineeship offers an accelerated view of a top position.

Not for everyone...

Although a traineeship is seen by many people as the ideal start to a glorious career, there are some conditions attached to it. For example, the offering organization often expects you to have done additional activities alongside your studies, to have an ambitious, driven attitude and to be self-aware. In addition, one or more assessments will probably be conducted.

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