What is an entry level job?

An entry level job is a junior position for graduates with minimal work experience. You do have at least your bachelor’s degree and you have a reasonable idea of ​​the direction you want to take. If you are not yet sure of the direction you want to take, you can consider a traineeship.

The main advantages of an entry level job

• Immediately put your knowledge into practice
• Opportunity for advancement to medior position
• Learning by doing
• (Often) higher starting salary compared to trainees
• Free choice in further development

An entry level job is a junior position for someone with little or no relevant work experience. However, a starter position often offers good opportunities to grow quickly into a medior position. In addition to being able to immediately put your knowledge into practice, young talent is often given the opportunity to develop their skills within the organisation. Think of guidance, training and simply gaining experience.

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